2024 Q1-Q2 BytomDAO Roadmap released!

Feb 8, 2024


1. Governance protocol

The treasury contract and governance DAPP will be released, completing the infrastructure of DAO . It will transition from the temporary committee to a DAO committee, initiating the formal process of decentralized governance.

2. Digital human for BytomDAO

We’re going to create digital human for BytomDAO based on GenAI and BTM. It helps users track project progress and experience products in real time with a simple and vivid interaction.

3. First cryptoGPT model in Web3

We’re going to build the first vertical LLM in the web3 industry, making a broad range of Web3 applications more intelligent . It serves for things such as risk identification, project analysis, investment advisor, developer training, etc.
As a project manager , it can be used for operation, while as regular users, they can learn basic crypto knowledge through dialogue form