Bytom Weekly Report

2 min readJan 6, 2023


The Bytom Foundation has repurchased the SuperTX transaction fee and destroyed total 30 SUP in the second quarter of 2022 (2022.10.01–2021.12.31).



Dr.Ji & Maze AI’s activity has completed, the reward has already sent to lucky users. Anyone who haven’t received yet please go to our discord and contact our admin.


Thanks for all of your’s participation!Share some images from our users!

DEV Report

Maze AI

Added search-prompts interface for the front-end to do queries to generate graphs
Replace 5 images of image_type displayed on the front end
Modify a series of query interfaces on the backend, remove the fields of the base map, and add model_name, resolution_ratio, size, artist, seed_image, init_image_similarity fields
Optimized the function of drawing service and encapsulated it
Dealing with abnormal drawing problems
Complete the “Similar works of the specified work” interface
Modify the “search” interface

Discord Bot

Modify the message format for users who “have not joined the discord service”
Record user ip address when user registers
Web public paintings are larger than 4, and they will be displayed in 4 in 1 when syncing to discord.
The picture of the work is synchronized to Hong Kong oss, and the four-in-one is compatible with two urls.

Maze AI Web

Paid equity purchase (points) joint debugging, supports network pre-reading, balance prompts, and signature verification
Added recommendation based on prompt words (preview image), supports interactive selection (like one piece of the same style)
Qiniu Cloud -> Alibaba Cloud OSS image compression rule support, detail adjustment
Home animation replacement
Automatic completion of data such as painting artist and similarity
Added fields on the details page, modified the interface of recommended works
Gallery interface changes and other bug fixes

Maze AI Middle Platform

Complete the user adding points and reset password operations
User List Optimization
Complete user management:

Mobile Terminal

Complete Membership Levels Page
According to the membership level, the drawing function UI is restricted, and the window pops up
Limit Prompt input to 1000 characters
Download Add UHD UI
Mobile phone number login to add CountryID
Webp image clarity after adaptation to Qiniu cloud migration
Search interface logic modification