Community Discussion -Ideas and Questions about Bytom’s MAZ Metaverse Protocol

4 min readNov 12, 2021

Bytom’s whitepaper MAZ metaverse protocol has been released, in this metaverse protocol, it provides a very unique radical market theory to users. In a radical market, there is no monopoly of private ownership, and everything is in a permanent state of auction, where the highest price goes to the highest bidder without end. As a result, no one can really own an item, but only keep it for the next bidder.

What are the ideas our community talking about this Metaverse protocol?

In this article, we will collect the thoughts and opinions of the community members. Do you want to know their ideas, let’s begin.


Read this MAZ metaverse protocol, there is a special idea called Margin.

I think the margin idea is an innovative way to govern the game theory balance in the ecosystem. I like that other users can participate in the margin for partial rights to profits. I also like the idea of a successful bidder merely holding the NFT for the next successful bidder instead of being considered the outright owner. It creates a more dynamic market, at least in theory.


I also read this whitepaper, I feel there is something special about new ideas inside. To get more people to join and play this metaverse, more blockchain networks will be quite essential. So my question is will this metaverse protocol can be used in other blockchains?

Answer to Simon:

Yes, MAZ Metaverse protocol can be deployed in other blockchain networks. The major difference is that this protocol can dramatically improve the circulation of NFT.


The MAZ metaverse protocol is different from what I have experienced. Will margin mode effect that rich people can buy a lot NFTs, so other people don’t have a chance to get the NFTs like the poor don’t have enough money to deposit the margin. But the rich can buy and set the margin to make the NFT to a higher price.

Answer to Wayne:

The margin mode means that when people hold an NFT, they should deposit the funds as margin, it’s similar to a tax, but it’s locked in a contract, only when they sell, they can take their money back.

So if the rich people pay too much Margin to hold the NFTs, it means their funds cannot be used any way else and there is no investment interest they can get. It will be a great cost for them.

And for people who don’t have many funds, Margin mode can let them get deposit funds from others, and there are many other methods that can help people with fewer funds can also enjoy the market opportunity.


The MAZ Metaverse is quite specifically designed using radical market theory, and the trading is quite interesting. Because metaverse is bigger than just an NFT marketplace. Will the be something special behind that?

Answer to Brian:

It’s a quite great question, you are definitely right about MAZ metaverse. Of course, it is not just an NFT marketplace. NFT marketplace is just a part of the metaverse, we will create a metaverse create many ordinary characters and heroes from the three kingdoms, and inside this metaverse, it’s like a non-ending Game because the basic principles are already set like the real world we live. You can imagine that inside this metaverse it will evolve by itself. So inside this metaverse, it may create something that we never met before in our real life because this metaverse evolves much faster than our real life.


Bytom is launching its own metaverse, it is quite exciting to hear this message. I have one question, will you possible to transfer NFT to Ethereum or other blockchain networks. I think this will allow the NFT to reach more users and creators.

Answer to Thomas:

Brian has asked a question about the NFT bridge to other blockchains. NFT bridge is not like token bridges, Because it can have special attributes when you bridge an NFT to another blockchain. How to make sure your NFT will not be duplicated in different blockchains when doing bridge from blockchain to another blockchain. So we have to work with NFT bridge to provide a solution that can bridge to other blockchains.


What MAZ metaverse protocol is giving a new solution for NFT trading, especially the idea that NFTs belong to all people, each people just temporarily own the NFT. This philosophy means the NFTs are a commonwealth of all people, and they can benefit all people, not just the person who owns them. I find this really interesting, we will see how it goes in the future.

It’s great to hear ideas and thoughts from our community, a lot of community members show interest in the new ideas that MAZ metaverse protocol provided. Hope this article can let more people understand MAZ metaverse protocol.