MOV SuperTx supports ZKS deposit and withdrawal, Deposit and win $5000 in total

1 min readApr 11, 2021


ZKS deposit and withdrawal are open on 11:00 (UTC +8) April 11, 2021.

ZKS super benefits will start today. During the event, Deposit ZKS to win a 5,000 USD reward, and ZKS/BTM mining coming soon, stay tuned!

Activity period:

11:10 on April 11, 2021–11:00 on April 15, 2021 (5 days in total, UTC+8)
Liquidity Mining activity time:
To be determined

Activity rules:

Be the first to recharge and enjoy $5,000 USD
The top 50 users who are first to deposit can evenly split the ZKS equivalent to $5,000.

The number is limited
*Deposit amount at least 300 ZKS

How to participate:

1, Bycoin (

You can download Bycoin ( to participate, Bycoin is a Mobile Wallet integrated with All MOV DeFi Features which includes SuperTx AMM protocol.

2, SuperTx Webpage(

You also can visit SuperTx Webpage( to participate.