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Hello everyone, thanks for coming to our AMA today! April 1st, our ambassador Alexei held a lecture in the Moscow Regional State University. In the lecture, many students registered on the Maze platform and applied for the Maze Artists! Today, our guest Asya Kuznetsova is from the art university just right!


Hi, Natasha, nice to meet you guys here.

Q & A Part

  • Question 1:

Nice to meet you Asya! At first, could you please introduce yourself to us?


Of course, I am a young designer, in the 3rd year of university. I’m 21 years old. I’m doing an internship by profession and working part-time as a freelancer, drawing works to order. On Maze and on instagram you can find me as AsyaZuk^^

  • Question 2:

Thanks! As a newcomer in the NFT world, could you please share with us what do you know about NFTs now?


I wouldn’t call myself a beginner. I know quite a lot about NFT, as I am engaged in investing in cryptocurrency and arbitrage. Quite often I look through the largest NFT exchanges and follow the news of the NFT world. This is still an immature market in which there is a place for experiments and innovations. It is unclear whether this will remain a platform for everyone’s self-expression or whether it will be driven into the framework of a certain genre that brings money. But one thing I know for sure: NFT technology is the future!

  • Question 3:

Wow thanks for your sharing! And among all your works, which one is your favorite? Can you share with us the story of this piece?


I sincerely love each of my work and put my soul into it! Of the academic works, my favorite is “a young man in a toga”. This is a very long work, filled with a lot of emotions in the process of its creation. From digital works it is “ Ἀπόλλων”. My unusual perception of the ancient Greek god of arts. I want to keep a little intrigue. But you will soon be able to see these works on Maze.

  • Question 4:

That’s interesting! As an new artist of Maze, you think, how do your works differ from those of other authors?


I can call myself an artist of the academic school. I prefer painting and drawing, but I also have digital works that will appear on the platform in the near future. I believe that only artists with serious academic background can create a work of art. I want to bring to the world of NFT the work of the academic school, the techniques in which the world masters worked: Rembrandt, Monet and Ivanovskis.

  • Question5:

What are your plans for the future?


My plans are very ambitious. In the foreseeable future, I want to seriously engage in the management of Twitter, Instagram and plan to go to OpenSea. I also find Solan projects quite interesting. Also, of course, I plan to develop on Maze, create collections of academic and digital works. Maze seems to me a unique platform because there is an opportunity for artists to publish their work without commission. If I have the opportunity to be realized, then I use it. The first works that I decided to publish can be called an academic collection. This is a tribute to my school (the school of a professional artist). In the following collections and individual arts, I plan to mix academic school and digital art.

Every action of mine is an experiment, it’s like a performance in the 20th century. It will be interesting ;)

Free Talk Part

As an artist, how profitable has it been for you so far? What has been your challenges and how has the Maze team help you overcome them?


As I said earlier, I work part-time as a freelancer, selling my work. It makes money, but not much. And I have enough ambitions to enter the world market. For this I chose nft, it is modern and popular now. Maze seems to me the best option, since there is little competition and there are no commissions for work. You can experiment)

What is one way that copyright law will affect the NFT?


Controversial question. On the one hand, this will protect the artists, but on the other hand, there will be less opportunities for PR.

  • @Saaho77

One of the main problems that NFT lovers face is about the oversized valuation of NFT in the market. So how is the price of NFT determined in Notable and solves the problem of overstimulation? Have your own Oracle system to estimate the value of the NFT?‌‌


Sorry, I don’t know about the Oracle system. But I understand the overpricing issue. I think these are the classic laws of the market. I think the right price will come with time.

If your project on top trending, what your plan to make it stay on the position? In the digital world, Copyright protection is extremely important.
So how does it work? How is it guaranteed that you know who is the real owner of an NFT in the Marketplace? And what if the people who create the same NFT, but change a little thing of it?


I believe that academic paintings will not have such a problem.

NFT is considered the next trend so HOT right now of the crypto industry after DeFi. Could you share the opinion about NFT? Where do you see the future evolution of NFT features and capabilities in the next few years?


NFT technology is the future, look at least at the metaverses that are being created now. If we talk about the NFT technology, I think the most interesting thing is that an artist can receive 10% profit after reselling his works. That is, an artist can live on a percentage of the resale of his works and he has more opportunities for creativity

Patents are especially important for artists and I can see that many of the popular NFT marketplaces have been spammed with stolen works. Does you have a solution for this?


I think this should be done by professionals. But I can assume that you can make a special program to recognize fakes. After all, the whole story is recorded on the blockchain and it will not be difficult to distinguish the original from the fake.

We are currently in the boom of the NFT market, which revolutionizes all DeFi with its authentication features and indefinite value, do you think that the NFTs provided by you will be able to compete and keep up with a market that is in full development?


I think everyone understands perfectly well that almost all the work in the NFT is hype projects: memes, monkeys. There are no professional artists on the market. But it is people with professional education who can create works of art. Hype is short-lived, but art is eternal. I am a pioneer, I think my works are like good wine. They will get better and more expensive over time)

Asya, I know that you are a real artist in our real world and I am very interested to know your view on this point: A real artist often has a situation when an NFT picture has a physical counterpart. Artist draws an oil painting, takes a picture of his picture and makes an NFT out of it.
What do you think, is the NFT an independent work or should it belong exclusively to the owner of the picture in the real (physical) world?


This is an interesting question and I’m sure society will debate and argue about it a lot. At the moment I think the worlds have split into physical and virtual and many things are created as a pair (physical/digital). However, these pairs can easily split due to the loss of one of them. So, these tandems are not reliable.
Perhaps I support the idea that a picture created and sold in the physical world is an independent work, while an NFT created on the basis of that picture is a separate work. However, I understand the situation when during the sale of a painting in the physical world, an NFT token can be created, in which the fact of sale, an expert report and some other information is recorded, and the artist gives this token to the buyer of the painting in the physical world. But this is another scenario of using NFT.
By the way, if any collector would like to buy a physical piece of artwork on the basis of which I created the NFT token, I would be happy to discuss the terms of sale. In this case, our community is now developing the format of the accompanying (proving the fact of sale and originality of the work) NFT token.

@unopesoO Would you say the speech of @LabelMen at your University have any impact on your decision to check out NFT. What’s the general optimism level of your fellow students about NFTs and Maze particularly. Do you have any suggestion for the platform?

Thank you


Alexey’s performance was decisive. I have been looking for an opportunity to try myself in the NFT for a long time and it was a sign. Everything was very clear and accessible. Maze is unique in that it does not charge a commission for the publication of works and has a test platform. You can experiment:) Also, the idea to talk about the NFT in art universities is brilliant. This will attract more professionals to the NFT and help make the market more interesting. And bring the nft closer to the real art.


OK! Thank you @unopesoO for coming today! You are so thinkful and thanks to all our users in the group this time! Today’s AMA will end here. And in the nearby future we will have more artist AMA to introduce more artists to you guys!

Tomorrow we will choose 3 people to send NFT out! Thanks for joining us today again!

Anyone who has interests welcome to go to our Maze platform to buy the NFTs: