Recap of AMA with Fergio Moralezzz

5 min readApr 22, 2022

Host: Natasha

Guest: Fergio Moralezzz

Time: 21st Apr 17:30 UTC+8




Hello everyone, thanks for coming to our AMA today! This time we have invited the artist Sergey — The Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts!


Hi, Natasha, nice to meet you guys here.

Q & A

  • Question 1:

Nice to meet you Sergey! At first, could you please introduce yourself to us?

  • Sergey:

Greetings to all. I’ll be brief. I started doing art when I was 7 years old. Graduated from 2 art studios, an art college and an art university. Member of the Mytishchi Association of Artists, I teach painting at the Moscow State Regional University and conduct master classes in private art schools.

  • Question 2:

Oh wonderful, could you please tell us more about your teacher life? We are so curious about life in art school.

  • Sergey:

For me, the work of a teacher is not just a professional activity, it is creativity, art. I am not just a teacher, I am an artist, a creator. And as an artist, I constantly discover this world, I am surprised, I enjoy it and I want to open it to my students — full-color, bright, diverse. My teaching activities bring much inspiration and new knowledge to my life and for myself. Because my students sometimes ask me questions that make me look at things from a different angle, to experiment more and explore new developments, and sometimes to rediscover some things, to study them even more deeply.

  • Question 3:

Thanks! I’m so curious that, what made you decide to try to become an artist in the NFT world? What in the NFT world do you find most attractive to you?

  • Sergey:

The NFT is talked about at every step, celebrities promote the NFT, even ordinary users are interested in it, and NFT tokens can bring millions of dollars to their owners.

New prospects have opened up. I want to realize my creative potential, accumulated many years of experience. I want to tell the world about myself, introduce to my art.

  • Question 4:

Wow thanks for your sharing! And among all your works, which one is your favorite? Can you share with us the story of this piece?


Very interesting question. To be honest, I do not get attached to my paintings and I can not give preference to any of them. Although I think one picture can be highlighted. It is called: Cemetery of the dead ships.

This work was written to order for my regular client.

He voiced the theme of the painting. He did not set a deadline and did not interfere with the process of painting. The only condition was to make the picture look sinister.

I don’t know why he chose this theme, but I’m happy accepted the offer.

I really liked the idea he had.

The main task was to pass on the sinister state. I hope I succeeded.

The work was finished — the client was delighted.

Maybe it was the only time I didn’t want to give up my painting

By the way, you can see the picture on the platform MAZE))

  • Question 5:

That’s interesting! As an new artist of Maze, you think, how do your works differ from those of other authors?

  • Sergey:

As you correctly noted — I am a new artist and 90% of the works presented on the platform are digital copies of analog. At the moment, that’s probably the only difference. But many interesting ideas have emerged, such as the integration of analog and digital art with augmented reality.

  • Question6:

What are your plans for the future?

  • Sergey:

If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans))

But if seriously, I will create new collections, experiment with digital

means, develop my own style and recognizability.

- Ok. Sergey, Look forward to your next action! We are so glad to talk to you today. Good luck to you!

Free Talk Part

  • Alexei:

Hi, Sergey!
I believe that due to your popularity in the NFT market, many collectors will want to buy your oil paintings. Are you considering creating NFTs that will not be a standalone work, but will be a certificate of authenticity attached to a painting created in our physical world?

Do you have the ability to send an oil painting to another country?

  • Sergey:

First, I looked at the NFT market from this perspective.
Now I see that there are more opportunities here. I will try not to miss any of them.
As for the transportation of paintings to other countries — this opportunity is, different delivery time. With logistics now there are some difficulties.

  • Alexei:

I do a lot for the popularity of MAZE among students. You are a teacher and I am sure you have your own opinion about the use of the MAZE platform in the process of teaching students. Can you say a little about it?

  • Sergey:

We are already considering working with this platform.
There are now additional classes where students try their hand at creating the NFT. For our students, this is a completely new topic, and they are studying it with interest..

  • Alexei:

I know that you are a very creative person and I am assuming that you may have ideas of how NFT will be used in the near future. Are you ready to make some assumptions or maybe predictions about how the industry will develop.

  • Sergey:

I’m not ready to make such predictions. The world is developing quite quickly. When I was a kid, computers were rare, and now smartphones are an integral part of life.

  • jack Downey:

Patents are especially important for artists and I can see that many of the popular NFT marketplaces have been spammed with stolen works. Does you have a solution for this?

  • Sergey:

Alternatively, you can create a certificate confirming that the work belongs to the author.

  • John Kent:

Since ETH, bsc are currently the most popular blockchain for NFT’s, what made you guys choose btm? How has your experience been so far working on the btm platform and in the btm community?

  • Sergey:

I started learning NFT with this platform. It is simple, friendly and free

  • john ken Barnes:

As an artist, how profitable has it been for you so far? What has been your challenges and how has the Maze team help you overcome them?

  • Sergey:

I can not say that I faced any difficulties, the team Maze did not give the opportunity to feel them)))

  • Natasha:

Glad to be here to discuss with @FergioMoralezzz and with our users. Our AMA will be ended here! In the near future,@FergioMoralezzz will upload his works in the Maze platform! Let’s keep curiosity!

  • Sergey: